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Impact Perspective 

The latest global trends in social impact measurement, management

Why Impact Management Is Not Complete Without Stakeholders?

Last year in 2019, we had a conversation with Ben Carpenter from Social Value International regarding, "What is preventing us from listening to the stakeholders?" In 2020 especially post-pandemic, for...

Outcome Tracking and Impact Metrics with COVID -19 Learnings

Are you an organization serving your community by providing healthy meals, protective equipment, mental health counseling, or education to the community about healthy practice? During this unique time...

How to Choose the Right Impact Indicators to Demonstrate Impact

Choose Right Impact Indicators  Successful mission-driven organizations artfully articulate impact to a variety of audiences. The key to achieving proficiency in that journey is first to understand wh...

A Guide on Choosing Impact Metrics for Gender Lens Investing

The emergence of gender lens investing in recent years has punctuated a larger global trend towards gender equality. Of course, there remains much work to be done. But gender lens investing, and the i...

6 min read

5 Ways: How to Strengthen your Business Strategy With Impact Metrics?

When I first started my strategy consulting practice nearly three years ago, my business model and brand focused almost exclusively on impact metrics. Why? Because they’re at the absolute heart of bui...

SDG Indicators for SDG 4: Quality Education Includes Health & Poverty

How can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ? We can bring them as close to the finish line as possible only by leveraging our target strategy. If we strategically align the targets an...

Common Pitfalls When Using IRIS Indicators (And How to Avoid Them)

Superficial impact metrics  or simply copying and pasting IRIS metrics over your activities might be cost effective and make you feel good about the “impact” you seem to be generating.

3 Tools to Help You Calculate SROI (Social Return on Investment)

In Part I of this blog series we looked at the Social Return on Investment (SROI) approach to accounting for impact and some of the challenges involved in its implementation. In this blog, we'll share...

How to Calculate Social Return On Investment (SROI) - Part 1

A lot of people try to get to a number for SROI Ratio and it misses the truth. The point of SROI calculation isn’t necessarily to justify capital investment, it’s to understand value creation through ...

8 min read

3 ways to calculate the social value of shared impact initiatives

  The definition of collective social impact dramatically differs based on the role we are referencing, e.g., impact investor, foundation, government, funding agency, program agency or practitioner. I...

5 min read

How to Define Social Impact Outcome Metrics

  Outcome metrics or Impact Metrics are, put simply, results. The measurement of outcomes illustrates the kind of impact that programs have had on communities served. In this brief blog, we'll define ...

4 min read

How to Select Impact Metrics for Your Investors?

 There’s no "One Kind" of foundation or Impact Investor and the variations boil down to lots of factors including their Vision statements. Today let's talk about two types of investors :

How to measure social impact of a project

Social impact measurement is complicated. Sometimes it feels like a tangled mess of data, indicators, spreadsheets, and numbers that nobody believes. It doesn’t need to be that way. Not if we build up...

7 min read

3 Important Rules for Picking Standardized Impact Metrics

What are impact metrics standards? I like to think of each metrics standard as its own 'language.' Standards help us speak the same language as others in our network (i.e. stakeholders) so that we und...

5 min read

Best Practices for Social Impact Metrics Selection

The most important element to an enduring selection of Social Impact Metrics is the foundational impact framework that supports it. A strong impact measurement framework enables practitioners to defin...

6 min read

Measuring Impact is Not Cost-Intensive. Here's Why.

As a rule, commercial organizations measure their success by financial returns (profits), while mission-driven organizations measure success using impact metrics which help assess the organization's a...


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