Impact Perspectives

Unmesh Sheth 9/9/21 7:16 AM 19 min read

Seven steps to build IMM maturity for your impact portfolio

Social enterprises, businesses, or nonprofits play a pivotal role in addressing societal ...
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Hetal Sheth 8/27/21 8:52 AM 14 min read

How to use impact learning to scale social impact?

A Growing Movement Of Social Purpose With Profit Social enterprises and nonprofits ...
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Hetal Sheth 8/16/21 12:23 AM 23 min read

INVESTING IN SOCIAL VALUE - maximizing social returns

Social value creation is the basis of justifying any activity. In Business, measuring the ...
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Unmesh Sheth 8/9/21 11:30 AM 17 min read

Measuring Social Impact Needs New Approach: Continuous Learning

Most agree that impact measurement and management done right can help maximize social ...
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Lorena Rodriguez 8/9/21 9:01 AM 7 min read

5 Reasons: Why You Should be measuring social impact?

Measuring impact is the recognized way to show the value your organization is delivering ...
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Hetal Sheth 8/11/20 3:00 PM 17 min read

Demonstrate impact through effective stakeholder impact analysis

Last year in 2019, we had a conversation with Ben Carpenter from Social Value ...
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Hetal Sheth 4/29/20 2:17 PM 16 min read

Outcome Tracking and Impact Metrics with COVID -19 Learnings

Are you an organization serving your community by providing healthy meals, protective ...
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Alan Pierce 1/3/20 12:00 AM 19 min read

How to Choose the Right Impact Indicators to Demonstrate Impact

Successful mission-driven organizations artfully articulate impact to a variety of ...
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Hetal Sheth 1/1/20 1:54 PM 20 min read

New Norms in Impact Measurement & Management

Impact Measurement & Management in 2021 We are witnessing one of the most important ...
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Hetal Sheth 11/4/19 4:40 PM 21 min read

Learning stakeholder impact through impact data analytics

Are you a mission-driven organization? Are you an asset manager like Impact Fund, Funds ...
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Unmesh Sheth 10/7/19 1:02 PM 18 min read

8 Major Monitoring & Evaluation Challenges and How To Overcome Them!

While many nonprofits and INGOs may have Monitoring and Evaluation software, often, they ...
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Alan Pierce 9/3/19 1:20 PM 11 min read

3 Tips for Measuring Social Impact Projects

Have you ever led a social organization or directed a project with a global reach? If so, ...
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Unmesh Sheth 8/27/19 3:28 PM 31 min read

8 Effective Phases of Impact Data Management

Are you a mission-driven organization looking to build an impact data strategy? Where do ...
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Unmesh Sheth 4/26/19 2:22 PM 12 min read

SDG 3 Targets and Indicators: Mobile Healthcare

How to scale mobile healthcare? There is a fallacy in the entire social sector that ...
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Alan Pierce 4/22/19 8:19 PM 14 min read

One Tool You Must Have for a Lean Data

Lean Data Measurement How we acquire impact data goes a long way towards how much we are ...
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Alan Pierce 4/16/19 12:31 PM 12 min read

3 Reasons Why Collective Impact Model is the Future of Social Change

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Hetal Sheth 3/3/19 7:57 PM 22 min read

How Impact Knowledge Graph Simplifies Impact Management & Strategy?

Are you a chief impact officer overwhelmed by a new impact knowledge ecosystem of many ...
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Lorena Rodriguez 1/5/19 4:05 PM 6 min read

5 Reasons For Measuring Social Impact In Social Enterprise

Measuring impact is the recognized way in which you show the value your organization is ...
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Alan Pierce 4/24/18 12:47 PM 12 min read

Impact Evaluation of Social Innovation Programs

A wave of social enterprise excitement has taken hold across the globe. The power of ...
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Unmesh Sheth 12/14/17 7:16 PM 10 min read

How to communicate nonprofit impact

In the United States, more than $1.2 Billion is spent just building nonprofit impact ...
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Hetal Sheth 7/20/17 5:14 PM 9 min read

What is lean data management?

Lean Data, a term popularized by Acumen, refers to collecting high quality data related ...
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Alan Pierce 4/6/17 3:13 PM 11 min read

Online & Offline Data Collection : Social Impact Measurement

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. When put in the context of ...
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Alan Pierce 11/11/16 2:55 PM 12 min read

Why Measure Social Impact? 4 Reasons for Change Makers

What drives you to measure social impact? In the business of social impact, measurement ...
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Unmesh Sheth 11/7/16 3:06 PM 3 min read

The main challenges that non-profits faces in impact measurement

Impact measurement is a buzz-word in the social sector and no organization wants to be ...
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