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At SOCAP 2018, people from all over the world will be descending upon Fort Mason Center in San Francisco to connect and to be inspired to continue mobilizing capital for the greater good.

This past week the organizers released the agenda, sharing what is to be another intense, fully-packed schedule for all attendees.

Sopact itself will also be attending, eager to glean the latest insights from business leaders, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and all the passionate players in this field.

Specifically, we will be focusing on the role that foundations can (and must) play in the impact space, with a particular focus on how they can take on a pivotal role in achieving the SDGs.

Let’s dive into what Sopact will be exploring.

The Relevant Discussions at SOCAP 2018

There are a multitude of important topics to be explored every year. This year, because Sopact is at the forefront of empowering foundations to better manage data and more efficiently achieve SDG-alignment, that’s where the focus will be for our team.

We'll be discovering who those foundation leaders are, connecting, and deepening understanding of the current state of affairs in the sector.

So, keep in mind that the following are a few (not all) of the most relevant discussions at SOCAP for Sopact.

Tools for a Broken Impact Ecosystem

The Thursday discussion pictured below will center around achieving the SDGs and how data and capital can be used to help us accelerate progress towards those global goals.

Socap 2018 fragmented markets

It is contextualized by the fragmentation of social capital markets globally.

If we are to unite the ecosystem, better tools are going to be needed -- tools for collaboration, communication, accessible analyses, better reporting, etc.

Integrating stakeholders throughout the impact ecosystem is what Sopact does best through its expertise and its cloud-based platform, the Impact Cloud. At the forefront of the de-fragmentation of this ecosystem, we view this discussion and its contents of utmost relevance for the work to be done in the years to come.

Encouraging Impact Accountability for Foundations and Philanthropists

foundations socapIn a discussion centered around the first Impact Security, an innovative new financing instrument developed by NPX, panelists will discuss how this affects funding for philanthropists and foundations.

Key to the discourse will also be the accountability factor -- linking funding to impact performance.

It’s an important theme because in order to achieve better impact performance, and therefore more funding in most scenarios, organizations (like the foundations to be talked about in this panel) must have a way to manage and leverage their impact data.

Sopact is positioned exactly at this important nexus.

Organizational Strategies for Foundations

socap agenda foundationsA conversation focused on legal forms and organizational structures isn’t the most exciting of topics for most attendees. But it is an important one.

It is especially interesting for Sopact because of the ever-evolving landscape in the field of philanthropy and foundations.

The right strategies for any foundation will be largely context-dependent. But one constant variable is the need to communicate strategy across organizational ecosystems because with that clarity comes better execution.

As we continue to work with foundations, staying up to date on their organizational needs and fluid structures will help us better address the unique obstacles they face, so that they can deliver even greater impact.

Foundation-focused, With an Open Mind

We have worked with numerous impact-oriented clients, from social enterprises to foundations, and look forward to working with many more.

As we refine our data management tools and services , it is imperative that we remain aware of the new financing instruments, technical advances, organizational structures, and more that are at the fingertips of these impact leaders across the globe.

With the deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals swiftly approaching, the ample reach and considerable impact potential of foundations cannot be ignored.

That’s why we’re excited to focus in on the SOCAP agenda dedicated to those goals, and also to the role that philanthropists and foundations play in achieving them.

Will you be attending SOCAP as well? Let us know, we’d love to talk about these topics with you! 

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