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5 Tips To Get the Most out of Salesforce for Nonprofits

  • by: Alan Pierce
  • On: 12, Nov 2017
8 min read
12 min read

5 Tips To Get the Most out of Salesforce for Nonprofits

Like a business, nonprofits can also use Salesforce to streamline workflows, benefitting both internal and external stakeholders alike. Nonprofits effectively using Salesforce manage donation cycles, ...

The Future of Impact Management & Social Impact Reporting

This week in San Francisco @SOCAP 10th Anniversary I had the opportunity to talk to social impact thinkers, practitioners, and leaders. While many impact investors are navigating different taxonomy an...

5 min read

How to Define Social Impact Outcome Metrics

  Outcome metrics or Impact Metrics are, put simply, results. The measurement of outcomes illustrates the kind of impact that programs have had on communities served. In this brief blog, we'll define ...

3 min read

3 Signs That You Need Data Analytics for Nonprofits

In recent years, businesses across all sectors have demonstrated concern about acquiring the right technology to solve their impact data management challenges, particularly when it comes to data aggre...

4 min read

How to Select Impact Metrics for Your Investors?

 There’s no "One Kind" of foundation or Impact Investor and the variations boil down to lots of factors including their Vision statements. Today let's talk about two types of investors :

What is lean data management?

Lean Data, a term popularized by Acumen, refers to collecting high quality data related to social impact in order to demonstrate social change, and to do so with extremely efficient use of resources. ...

How to measure social impact of a project

Social impact measurement is complicated. Sometimes it feels like a tangled mess of data, indicators, spreadsheets, and numbers that nobody believes. It doesn’t need to be that way. Not if we build up...

7 min read

3 Important Rules for Picking Standardized Impact Metrics

What are impact metrics standards? I like to think of each metrics standard as its own 'language.' Standards help us speak the same language as others in our network (i.e. stakeholders) so that we und...

6 min read

Best Practices for Social Impact Metrics Selection

The most important element to an enduring selection of Social Impact Metrics is the foundational impact framework that supports it. A strong impact measurement framework enables practitioners to defin...

6 min read

Measuring Impact is Not Cost-Intensive. Here's Why.

As a rule, commercial organizations measure their success by financial returns (profits), while mission-driven organizations measure success using impact metrics which help assess the organization's a...

3 min read

Merging the Creative and Quantitative in Impact Storytelling

What is the most important element in a successful impact report? One answer is data. Indeed, a distant wave is amassing great size and potential just off of the shore of the world of social impact. W...

6 min read

Why my nonprofit became an app builder

To be clear, we never intended to become a Salesforce for nonprofits app developer.

SDG Investing - Align Impact Investing with SDG

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have challenged both the public and private sector to amplify the outcomes of purpose-driven work, and in many cases to pursue SDG alignment. Part of this chal...

10 min read

How to measure impact of program

How to measure impact of program Did you miss Part One of this blog? Read it here. Social impact measurement cannot be done without collecting impact data. And we cannot collect good impact data witho...

Online & Offline Data Collection : Social Impact Measurement

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data . When put in the context of social impact assessment, this wisdom from the inimitable Sherlock Holmes suggests that we should communicate impac...

4 min read

How to Improve Salesforce User Experience

Salesforce.org has become the leader in providing a flexible platform for mission-driven organizations to build their own data architecture to manage operations, accounting, donations, and beneficiary...

8 min read

Why Measure Social Impact? 4 Reasons for Change Makers

What drives you to measure social impact? In the business of social impact, measurement has become one of the most talked about trends. And for good reason. The most obvious, of course, is because it ...

2 min read

The main challenges that non-profits faces in impact measurement

Impact measurement is a buzz-word in the social sector and no organization wants to be caught dead without a strategy in place. Despite growing excitement and genuine efforts, the reality is often dif...

4 min read

Building a Collaborative Social Impact Assessment Operating System

Aggregation of metrics data is rarely discussed. In trying to further understand it, I have talked to several managers of UN-funded initiatives, foundations and impact funds. In most cases, even if th...


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