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Top 9 Social Impact Articles of 2019 - Strategy, M&E, and Management

January, 8 2018

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They range from topics as diverse as How Impact Management is Now Within Reach, Aligning Impact Reporting to the Sustainable Development Goals, 5 Tips To Get the Most out of Salesforce for Nonprofits, to How to Leverage SaaS Technology for Social Good.

In case you missed them first time round, here’s another chance to take a look at SoPact’s most-read articles of 2019.


1. Actionable Impact Management: Better Impact Assessment & Communication Framework

Across sectors, organizations are realizing that measuring and communicating impact isn’t just about satiating a moral imperative, it is fundamentally linked to sustainable value creation. And yet, while this commitment is growing, the know-how for execution may still be lacking. 

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2. How Impact Management is now within reach?

"I want to learn from impact data but isn't impact data collection and aggregation is expensive? The answer? It doesn't need to be. Even though it is a common belief among mission-driven organizations that social impact measurement is too cost intensive, let us see why we can not get away from the need of data management tools and how instead of postponing it we can invest in it. And time is right now as finally, we can leverage new age technology.

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3. Demonstrating Impact: Choosing the right impact metrics 

Successful mission-driven organizations artfully articulate impact to a variety of audiences. And they are often “multilingual” in doing so, because with varied listeners comes a need to speak multiple impact languages. The key to achieving proficiency in that journey is first to understand which impact language will best serve your needs and those of your audience.

Best Social Impact article in 2019 - TOC and Impact Management



4. Aligning Impact Reporting to the Sustainable Development Goals 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have challenged both the public and private sector to amplify the outcomes of purpose-driven work. Part of this challenge involves aligning impact reporting – communicating the difference you have made – to the impact categories outlined in the SDGs. With this global call to action across multiple impact categories, the Goals have re-defined the expectations of those who fund these programs and services.


UN Sustainable Development Goals amongst the Best Social Impact article in 2019

Donor Advised Funds: How to Engage High Impact Philanthropists

It used to be that wealthy donors were happy sending an annual check, trusting in charitable organizations to use funds effectively. Now they want to be more involved and more targeted in their giving. This is certainly a welcome change. The families who give together through Donor Advised Funds want to target those funds making an effort to have measurable impact. They are becoming 'high impact philanthropists.' How might Donor Advised Funds engage these high impact philanthropist?

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5. The Catch-22 of Social Impact Measurement

 There's a Catch-22 in impact assessment. Funders choose metrics based on the varying capacity of grantees. To measure consistently, this capacity is only as good as the weakest link. Paired with the limited data-capacity faced by the funders themselves, this results in the low hanging fruit of the data world and translates into the selection of easy-to-measure activity or output focused metrics.

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6. How to Leverage SaaS for Social Good

Social sector organizations have been notorious about building custom solutions for managing their internal data (except for fundraising products) such as program, client and stakeholders. In the last few years, mission-driven organizations have been adapting technology to streamline their core processes, such as grant management, donor management, and community engagement.

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7. The UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Global Convergence

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals , also referred to as The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, is a set of 17 Global Goals, 169 associated targets, and 230 individual indicators. This international collaboration between 193 UN Member States and global organizations and agencies is outlined in the UN Resolution A/RES/70/1 established in September 2015.

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8. Best Practices for Social Impact Metrics Selection

The most important element to an enduring selection of social impact metrics is the foundational impact framework that supports it. We need a strong impact measurement framework before we know which metrics will serve our needs. You can learn all about how to establish your impact framework here: Actionable Impact Management (AIM) Volume One: Groundwork.

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9. Tips to Get Most Out of Non-profits using SalesForce

Like a business, nonprofits can also use Salesforce to streamline workflows, benefiting both internal and external stakeholders alike. Nonprofits effectively using Salesforce manage donation cycles, analyze fundraising campaigns, generate detailed reporting, and any number of other processes.


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