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Unmesh Sheth

32 years of track record In technology companies, innovation, leadership. Deep understanding of bottom-up and top-down data trust challenges in high impact philanthropy and impact investments.

Blog Post by Unmesh Sheth

Unmesh Sheth6/5/23 9:33 PM13 min read

10 Different Ways to Boost Your Survey Response Rate

  How to increase the survey response rate Surveys are a powerful tool for gathering ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/4/23 5:34 PM15 min read

Mastering the Art of Survey Question Design

    Surveys are a powerful tool for gathering valuable data, but their effectiveness ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/4/23 4:32 PM9 min read

Transforming Survey Analysis for Better Impact Insight

Surveys have long been an essential tool for collecting data and gaining insights. ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/4/23 12:28 AM6 min read

Analyzing Survey Data in Excel: Challenges & Fresh Approach

Welcome to the world of survey data analysis! Analyzing survey data is essential for ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/2/23 4:27 PM9 min read

Data-Driven Change: Innovative Survey Data Analysis For Social Impact

Harnessing Survey Data Analytics for stakeholder impact assessment The Coalition for ...
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Unmesh Sheth5/30/23 8:27 AM6 min read

Power of Nonprofit Data: Maximizing Impact and Driving Transformation

In today's data-driven world, nonprofit organizations increasingly recognize the ...
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Unmesh Sheth5/28/23 3:21 PM8 min read

Building a Cost-Effective Salesforce Data Warehouse for Nonprofits

In the mission-driven world of nonprofits, robust data management is integral to ...
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Unmesh Sheth12/31/22 11:47 AM4 min read

Exploring the Different Social Impact Measurement Methods

Social Impact Measurement Techniques: Select What Matters Most Emphasizing the social ...
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Unmesh Sheth9/8/22 10:50 AM7 min read

Driving Social Impact through Impact Storytelling

At Sopact, we understand the power of impactful storytelling in driving positive change ...
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Unmesh Sheth8/3/22 5:47 AM6 min read

How Impact Data Pipeline Can Simplify Impact Management?

Impact measurement and management (IMM) provides an excellent opportunity for ...
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Unmesh Sheth7/22/22 6:14 AM13 min read

The Impact Management Journey of Social Enterprises

Sustainable social enterprises are emerging to solve the social problems by selling goods ...
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Unmesh Sheth6/9/22 9:43 AM7 min read

Social Impact Data: Unlock Actionable Insights

Discover the Power of Social Impact Data Analysis with Sopact Social impact data refers ...
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Unmesh Sheth2/14/22 11:14 PM3 min read

What are the Barriers to Stakeholder Centric Impact Management?

Is it possible to determine true impact simply by defining and aggregating metrics? ...
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Unmesh Sheth1/17/22 9:34 PM4 min read

5 Social Enterprise Challenges Hindering Their Growth

Social enterprises (SEs) measure success in two ways. The first is by generating economic ...
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Unmesh Sheth12/20/21 1:04 AM5 min read

Impact investments Measurement Best Practices

How should impact investors think about the impact measurement of the portfolio?  What ...
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Unmesh Sheth11/23/21 12:55 PM5 min read

Design Effective Impact Experiments

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Unmesh Sheth11/3/21 5:27 AM5 min read

Beyond Theory of Change Worksheet

The theory of change is a foundation for social purpose organizations. Yet, often many ...
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Unmesh Sheth9/9/21 7:16 AM6 min read

Seven steps to build IMM maturity for your impact portfolio

Social enterprises, businesses, or nonprofits play a pivotal role in addressing societal ...
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Unmesh Sheth8/9/21 11:30 AM7 min read

Measuring Social Impact Needs New Approach: Continuous Learning

Most agree that impact measurement and management done right can help maximize social ...
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Unmesh Sheth4/10/20 2:18 PM7 min read

Monitoring and evaluation plan for effective donor engagement

If you are a nonprofit, international development organization, or social enterprise, you ...
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Unmesh Sheth1/28/20 2:24 PM9 min read

Unlock True Impact: Five Dimensions Of Impact for Actionable Result

Unlock Five Dimensions of Impact: Enterprise and Investors  Impact investing has gained ...
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Unmesh Sheth10/7/19 1:02 PM7 min read

8 Major Monitoring & Evaluation Challenges and How To Overcome Them!

While many nonprofits and INGOs may have Monitoring and Evaluation software, often, they ...
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Unmesh Sheth8/27/19 3:28 PM12 min read

8 Effective Phases of Impact Data Management

Are you a mission-driven organization looking to build an impact data strategy? Where do ...
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Unmesh Sheth4/26/19 2:22 PM4 min read

SDG 3 Targets and Indicators: Mobile Healthcare

How to scale mobile healthcare? There is a fallacy in the social sector that impact ...
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Unmesh Sheth12/14/17 7:16 PM4 min read

Maximizing Nonprofit Impact: Strategies and Tips

  As a society, we rely on nonprofit organizations to address some of the most pressing ...
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Unmesh Sheth12/11/17 3:49 PM5 min read

Social Value Calculation: A Key Tool for Nonprofits

  Are you a nonprofit looking to secure funding and support for your organization's ...
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Unmesh Sheth2/29/16 11:58 PM3 min read

Building a Collaborative Social Impact Assessment Operating System

Aggregation of metrics data is rarely discussed. In trying to further understand it, I ...
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