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The latest global trends in social impact measurement, management

How to Avoid SDG Washing?

  • by: Hetal Sheth
  • On: 10, Feb 2020
10 min read

Hetal Sheth

Hetal Sheth
The founder of Ektta, and co-founder of SoPact, Hetal holds a deep passion for establishing enduring impact management practices in social sector to have a built in learning and accountability.

How to Avoid SDG Washing?

Are you a business with a vision to drive social impact through sustainable development goals? Did you hear that achieving the Global Goals opens up an economic prize of $12 trillion by 2030? Are you ...

New Trends in Impact Measurement & Management in 2020

Impact Measurement & Management in 2020 We are witnessing one of the most important trends in our lifetime called impact revolution. While this revolution may not be as big as a tech revolution, it ha...

Impact Measurement & Management: Lean Data Analytics

Are you a mission-driven organization? Are you an asset manager like Impact Fund, Funds of Fund, Impact Advisor, Social Impact Accelerator, or Foundation? Are you a nonprofit or social enterprise that...

SDG 11 Target and Indicators:  Scaling Community Development

SDG 11 Target and Indicators:  Scaling Community Development   The majority of urban residents breathing poor-quality air, having limited access to transport, and open public spaces. We realized that ...

8 min read

Start Impact Measurement and Management with GIIN IRIS+ and Impact Cloud

This article was first published in next billion. Impact investors have long turned to the GIIN catalog of metrics (IRIS) to support their measurement needs. As IRIS + clearly states, credible, compar...

How Impact Knowledge Graph Simplifies Impact Management & Strategy?

Are you a chief impact officer overwhelmed by a new impact knowledge ecosystem of many impact knowledge sources and maze of standards, framework, and tools? 

4 Social Capital Trends Indicate Rise in Social Impact Measurement

Congratulations SOCAP for ten years of capital advancing investment to generate community level impacts! At SOCAP every year there is a palpable excitement that goes pretty much unabated until the fin...

Storytelling Impact Learning & Social Impact Reporting

Like any other storytelling, Impact Storytelling is also an art. In your social impact report how do you mix qualitative data with quantitative data? And tell a story which not only communicates inten...

3 min read

How Create Effective Impact Report Design?

It is the question on many impact manager's mind, how to build effective nonprofit impact reports? An effective social impact report focuses on a collective process that aligns impact thesis (ie. Theo...

What is lean data management?

Lean Data, a term popularized by Acumen, refers to collecting high quality data related to social impact in order to demonstrate social change, and to do so with extremely efficient use of resources. ...

6 min read

Measuring Impact is Not Cost-Intensive. Here's Why.

As a rule, commercial organizations measure their success by financial returns (profits), while mission-driven organizations measure success using impact metrics which help assess the organization's a...


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