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Impact Perspectives

December, 31 1969

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How to Put GIIN's IRIS+ into Action?

Selecting Right Monitoring & Evaluation Software

Why Impact Management Has Come a Lot Farther Than We Think

3 Tips for Managing Social Impact Measurement Projects

8 Effective Phases of Impact Data Management

A Guide on Choosing Impact Metrics for Gender Lens Investing

Building Efficient Social Sector Initiatives Through New Generation Impact Measurement

4 Ways Impact Strategy has Shifted from the Millennium Development Goals vs. the Sustainable Development Goals

5 Ways: How to Strengthen your Business Strategy With Impact Metrics?

5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid in Monitoring & Evaluation Tools Selection

5 Steps: How to Design Social Impact Evaluation Plan?

8 Major Monitoring & Evaluation Challenges and How To Overcome Them!

5 Ways to Improve your Nonprofit Theory of Change Model

SDG 3: Scaling Mobile Healthcare Through Evidence-Based Impact Measurement

One Tool You Must Have for a Lean Data Social Impact Analysis

The Number One Reason Your Social Impact Assessment Isn't Producing Results

3 Reasons Why the Collective Impact Model is the Future of Social Change

3 Reasons Why Listening to Every Beneficiary Sustains Social Impact Investment

How Impact Knowledge Graph Simplifies Impact Management & Strategy?

5 Ways: How AI Helps in Actionable Impact Strategy and Management?

Demonstrating Impact in Collective Impact Models

5 Reasons For Measuring Social Impact In Social Enterprise

Data Journey: From Data Collection to Storytelling

System Change in Impact Investing Ecosystem

SDG Impact Indicators for 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Part 2)

5 Impact Investing Examples That Are Changing the World

Impact Metrics & Our Most Viewed Blogs of 2018

Ensuring Quality SDG Measurement for all 17 SDG Goals (Part 1)

Measure Social Impact: Social & Economic Return of Collective Impact

SDG Indicators for SDG 4: Quality Education Includes Health & Poverty

Foundations: Social Impact Assessment Starts With You!

Why SDG 17 is the Most Important UN SDG?

Understanding SDG 11 Indicators for Sustainable Cities and Communities

4 Social Capital Trends Indicate Rise in Social Impact Measurement

Creativity's Role in Impact Storytelling

3 Ways Foundations can Scale Climate Change  Solutions

5 Impact Learnings  From Family Foundation Impact Investing

Social Impact In Philanthropic Foundation: Expectation vs Reality

Three Sessions We’re Excited to Attend at SOCAP 2018

How Can Foundations Align With Sustainable Development Goals

Aligning Your Small Business With The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Bringing Impact Data Management Into the Conversation At Socap 2018

Are You a Social Entrepreneur or Social Media Ninja?

How to Find the Right Impact Investing Fund for Your Organization

Understanding Social Performance with Theory of Change

How Can a Business Use Global Reporting Initiative with SDG reporting

How Impact Funds Leverage Technology for Impact Management

Here's How to Improve Your Foundations' Mission-Related Investments

The Secret to millennials social impact and millennial investing trends

Common Pitfalls When Using IRIS Indicators (And How to Avoid Them)

SDG impact data pipeline from enterprise to asset owners

Why Do We Keep Producing Impact Reports, But Not Intended Impact?

3 Tools to Help You Calculate SROI (Social Return on Investment)

How to Calculate Social Return On Investment (SROI) - Part 1

How to Evaluate Impact of Social Innovation Programs

9 Reasons to Use Impact Cloud® for Selecting Social Impact Indicators

Grant Management to Impact Management in Foundations

How to Strategise in the End-to-End Impact Management Ecosystem?

Storytelling Impact Learning & Social Impact Reporting

How Create Effective Impact Report Design?

Top 9 Social Impact Articles of 2019 - Strategy, M&E, and Management

The Shift in focus to Better Sustainability Reporting

How to Build Effective Nonprofit Impact Reports

3 ways to calculate the social value of shared impact initiatives

Rethinking M&E Software for Impact Management

How to Leverage SaaS Technology for Social Good

5 Tips To Get the Most out of Salesforce for Nonprofits

The Future of Impact Management & Social Impact Reporting

Measuring & Improving Social Impact in CDFI

How to Define Social Impact Outcome Metrics

3 Signs That You Need Data Aggregation Platform

How to Select Impact Metrics for Your Investors?

What is lean data management?

How to measure social impact of a project

3 Important Rules for Picking Standardized Impact Metrics

Best Practices for Social Impact Metrics Selection

Measuring Impact is Not Cost-Intensive. Here's Why.

How to Talk about Social Impact Assessment

Merging the Creative and Quantitative in Impact Storytelling

Why my nonprofit became an app builder

SDG Investing - Align Impact Investing with SDG

Data collection tools strategy: Tips for successful implementation

Online & Offline Data Collection : Social Impact Measurement

How to Improve Salesforce User Experience

How to Choose the Right Impact Indicators to Demonstrate Impact

Actionable Impact Management & Impact Communication

Why Measure Social Impact? 4 Reasons for Change Makers

The main challenges that non-profits faces in impact measurement

Building a Collaborative Social Impact Assessment Operating System

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