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Actionable Impact Management Volume 3: "DATA"

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The founder of Ektta, and co-founder of SoPact, Hetal holds a deep passion for establishing enduring impact management practices in social sector to have a built in learning and accountability.

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Posted on 2018-02-14

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Posted on 2018-02-14

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Take Action, get 'DATA' Now

Do you feel empowered to share stories with your data? The social sector is struggling to demonstrate their social good with data. What we need is a lean and actionable process, affordable technology, and confidence with reliable data! 

Introducing Actionable Impact Management Volume Three: "DATA." It is an actionable guide to the data management capacity process to build confidence developed by The University of Melbourne's Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre & SoPact, a social enterprise. 


It builds on,

Volume One: "Groundwork," walks through the introspective work necessary for defining an impact framework. 

Volume Two: "Metrics," covers the metrics selection process for your impact program assessment and impact measurement. 

In Volume Three: "Data," your organization will discover how technology might be leveraged to collect reliable and credible data on the outcome-oriented metrics selected. Tools for data capacity span across the four stages of impact management: Data Collection; Data Aggregation ( Compilation); Data Analysis; and Data Communication.

It is a step by step process to,


Hope you enjoy this edition. We appreciate the feedbacks.

Take Action, get 'DATA' Now