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Aggregate program & beneficiary/client data from field, manage financial and operations data, align your results with financial & other input, demonstrate impact of your programs effectively.

Operations To Better Outcome Management

Data 4 Mission

  • Salesforce Affordable Housing Program – Compare outcomes in community
  • School & Education – Program funding, Education, Income Relations
  • Population migration

Data Alignment

Social Sector can measure impact—and make it grow. Learn democratic election voting patterns, disease outbreak, immunization or education to a funding gap. Learn your donors in-depth for better fundraising results. Track the progress of your programs and increase transparency through interactive visuals that make data easy for everyone to understand.

Data Aggregation

Create transformation through aggregating data at any level, insights are at your fingertips, enabling you to make new connections and drive positive change

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Data Hub

Create Data Hub strategy using approprirate integration of data from connected and disconnected data stores.  Disconnected data can be data from grantees and connected data from internal systems.

Data Store & Hub

Create datastore in Tableau or external database such as opensource MySQL/PostgresSQL or other DB, to be used by Tableau visualizations.

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Define source data stor and master soruce.  Identify right kind of integration approach and application such as JitterBit, Workato or Informatica to aggregate datastore.

  •  Salesforce integration
  • External integration

Manual reporting expensive and errorprone

Often for larger funders manual reporting is often expensive, time consuming and error prone.  For example many government programs, funders spends millions in report data collection.  Often this process is tedious, time consuming and costly.  Automated reporting can save time & money! 

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Streamline Reporting

For larger funders it is often a difficult challenge to receive report in a manual reporting or even through PDF and excel based reporting?   How do we integrate results from multiple grantees in automated way without signficantly changing IT systems of a reporters.

Benefits - the answer to “So what?”


Data Architecture

Build end to end data sources where operations & outcome data are crtitical for overall objective.   Improve application to collect data based on key metrics. If necessary build internal integration between applications


Data Integration

Build a master data hub for Tableau where core data can be aggregated from key sources.  These data can be pulled through normal CSV import or integration approach.


Operation & Outcome Data Hub

Build necessary Tableau design based on overall social impact goals.

 Salesforce & Tableau

Learn From Best Practices First

Learn a best practices in cloud based integration from pros.  The presentation below walks you through step by step guide to build application for future.  Later you will hear a detailed case study of integration in the journey of a leading Salesforce application designed for affrodable housing programs.



Let's Help You Find Best Solution


Data architecture that provides meaningful insight from external & internal sources

Data Strategy

Primary Data Management
  • Build client, program & grant management data strategy
  • Agile discovery process works through metrics and data architecture. Understand the source of a data store, frequency, and data collection process.
  • Design data systems & application based on transaction & user requirements


Aggregate data on defined frequency from all major sources using cloud integration

Data Hub

Master Data System
  • Review Salesforce Integration Patterns & define integration strategy
  • Choose right cloud integration architecture
  • Create rules, data design and servers for data integration

Operation & Outcome

Effective Data Marts & Visualizations using Tableau or similar data analytics 


Operation & Outcome Dashboards
  • Tableau visualizations are only as good as the data available internally. Start with data analysis, metrics and data aggregation strategy that meets your budget.
  • Tableau professional service team work with your team to familiarize them with Tableau Server, which includes single sign on; security, data sources and data access, usage patterns, sizing and hardware. In particular cases, we define the custom data source to aggregate data from multiple source
  • Tableau Consultant Build dynamic visualization based on project goals
  • Integrate results with appropriate social media strategy – integrate with a newsletter, websites, etc.

Evaluate Best Solutions

Our Team Was Pioneer Behind Enterprise Integration, Why not talk to Pros


Choose Right Application Platform

Wondering what Salesforce Lightning Can do for you? Do you really need it?  How can I manage cost and still get best of class application?   How do I integrate with modern social media platforms?  

Our team has broad range of technology skills which will not pigeon hall you.  Talk to us about your needs.

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Design Best Mission-Driven Solution

Our team has perhaps strongest technology experience with in-depth understanding of solutions required for mission driven orgnaization. Ask about tableau social good or salesforce tableau integration.  

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Choose Right Experience


Still not sure?  Our tableau professional services team is tech savy and understand most relevent applications for mission driven organizations. Ask about our leading case study on Salesforce Integration Services at HomeKeeper.  

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