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Nonprofit Impact Data and Analytics

For organization with many programs that needs alignment across each other.
Nonprofit Impact Data and Analytics


  • Many programs collect results in different countries, states, and districts that require unified data collection and reporting.

  • Spending lots of time cleaning up and translating data

  • Data sitting in different systems that you are not effectively unlocking for analysis and reporting?  

Our Solution

  • Communicate impact evidence confidently with impact dashboard and impact report
  • Achieve faster product-market fit through continuous data-driven decisions
  • Scale social business through a powerful data analytics solution

Collective Impact & Nonprofits with Many Programs

Collective impact, shared initiatives or organizations that are continuously collecting data requires enterprise-ready approach to manage multiple data collection approach, unify impact data management and comprehensive dashboard in a single location
Collective Impact & Non Profits

Smart data collection

Collecting stakeholder data is personal. Some require online data collection, some are located in remote locations where the internet can be spotty, and some can only be accessed through mobile devices. Regardless of where your stakeholders are, getting high-quality data and a high response rate is a key to stakeholder engagement.

If you have:

  • Have your member organizations, partners, chapters or countries report systematic data
  • Collect data using different tools and platforms
  • Have a unified platform for all the information
  • Communicate individual results as well as outcomes across the organization

Our promise:

Help you personalize a data collection plan that increases the response rate.
Design a dashboard that presents all the relevant data and allows you to zoom into a specific member, partner, chapter or country



Cleanup, transform, translate, and calculate.

Everything does not automatically appear on the dashboard when you collect survey data. In fact, data analysts will take days or weeks to transform (codified responses), translate, and clean up the data. Some organizations also apply calculations, conversions, and scoring on top of that. This is a time-consuming task for your team.

Our promise:

  • Want to join two data sources to calculate retention metrics longitudinally?  No worries
  • Need last-minute data clean-up? Easy
  • Want to change a label in your dataset that you don’t like? Done
  • Have a custom scoring methodology?  Do it in minutes
  • Collect data in one language and want to report in another
Measuring Collective Impact

Unified data governance

  • Have program teams that need to keep their data independent from each other
  • Need sophisticated role-based access
  • Send reports to different stakeholders based on unique rules
  • Impact Measurement
  • impact nonprofit


Our promise:

  • Provide an advanced architecture that personalizes databases for your organization
  • Help you configure each team's data store and data analysis based on organizational rules

Any strategy needs to be implemented and sustained. Check out our technology solution and learn how we can make this happen.

Collective Impact Nonprofits


What do we help you with?

A solution to organize and maximize your impact

Measuring impact requires a suite of products and solutions, we put them together.


Impact StrategyData ManagementReal-time Analytics


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