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Go from impact strategy to dashboard in just 60 days! Streamline Impact and Savings with Sopact's FasTrack bootcamp.
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  • Review and certify the strategy.
  • Integrate with Google Sheets & Excel
  • Create a survey and collect data.
  • Create a dashboard with your data.
  • All that in just 60 days!
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Measuring Social Impact in Social Enterprises

Elevate your social enterprise with actionable social impact measurement.

Brigit Helms Miller Center

For growth stage social enterprises.

Growing a social enterprise requires timely impact data to make strategic decisions and communicate with investors. Sopact gives your organization credibility for raising capital.

  • Brigit Helms, Executive Director, Miller Center For Social Enterprise
Partner with Sopact

Unlock Your Social Enterprise's Potential

Measuring social impact in social enterprises is the cornerstone of realizing their full potential, enabling organizations to assess and optimize their contributions to society and the environment. Building in-house expertise in social impact measurement, technology implementation, and data science can be challenging for social enterprises with limited budgets. Sopact's platform offers an affordable and easy-to-use solution for social impact organizations and businesses, providing the insights needed to take action and achieve organization's goals.

By accurately evaluating the outcomes of their initiatives, social enterprises can make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and refine their strategies for continuous improvement. Don't let technical barriers hinder your organization's success – partner with Sopact today. Harness the power of our comprehensive, unified solution, save thousands of hours, and propel your social enterprise to new heights of success at an affordable price.



Access to finance

Embedding strong impact practices and measuring social impact helps your enterprise stand out, increasing your chances of securing funding in competitive processes.

Sign of a Well-Run Organization

Implementing impact measurement demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accountability, motivating employees and engaging donors, investors, and beneficiaries.

Improve Product-Market Fit

Sopact's impact measurement tools enable social enterprises to better understand and align with their target audience, resulting in more effective solutions and greater overall success.

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Achieving Success

Streamlining Your First Impact Dashboard in 60 Days

At Sopact, we understand the importance of a successful impact implementation process. That's why we've developed a streamlined work plan to help you build your first program and impact dashboard in just 60 days. While this may be your first program or goal, our process is iterative, allowing you to build on your success and implement future programs in a similar manner. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your impact goals efficiently and effectively.

Phase 1 Data Strategy

Create an actionable framework, ensuring that it will meet your "learning goals."

This ensures your desired outcomes are mapped out all the way to data.

All-in-one Logic Model, Data, and Dashboard Strategy

With our AI-driven Impact Strategy, you can leverage our extensive library of hundreds of industry templates to personalize and tailor them to meet your organization's needs. Whether you're building SMART metrics for mission-driven purposes or aligning with IRIS metrics for investor reporting, our strategy is just the beginning. The real value of our approach lies in our ability to guide you towards the best data collection strategy and dashboard plan to impress and engage funders, even before data collection begins.


Phase 2: Data Design

Design effective and actionable activity, output, and outcome data most relevant for impact measurement only.

Define an Effective Data Collection Strategy

  • Design activity, output data
  • Design stakeholder survey
  • Define effective data collection technique
  • Map source data from Sopact Survey, MS Excel, and Google Spreadsheet
  • Calculate and map results to metrics.
  • Other sources include Salesforce and CRM (Ask Sopact - Not included in base price). 

Phase 3: Data Analytics

Integrate your data source with advanced visualization platform to provide deep insight, define detailed analysis techniques and communication plan

Advanced Analytics and Use of Data

  • Advanced data visualization techniques
  • Communicating results and impact to stakeholders
  • Strategies for sustaining data analytics for social impact
Case Study

Miller Center is accelerating entrepreneurship to end poverty.

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University exists to accelerate entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet.

Client Feedback

What do our customers say?

Micheal B.
Michael BrasherConsultant & Coach, Brasher Coaching
"I actually did a big survey where I looked at all the different organizations really around the world that are doing impact management and shout out to SoPact cuz I did comprehensive research and when I found what SoPact was doing for me, I was like, there's nobody else.

This is it. This is the tip of the spear in impact management. It's what I was looking for, and I only found one organization doing it, and that was SoPact."
"Sopact is helping us not only aligning to UN SDG goals but also streamlining our current scorecard connecting targets to the goals."
Eric Donnelly-1
"The collaboration with Sopact gave us a better understanding of what our customers expect and the changes they are experiencing. Now our stakeholders are eagerly awaiting our yearly Social Impact Learning Report."
"New Sun Rising collaborates with Sopact as a thought partner. Sopact helps us seamlessly tag all of our impact data through the lens of UN SDG and help us organize, aggregate, and share impact data at an individual enterprise, portfolio, and sub-portfolio level to realize the collective impact."