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Download Free Impact Report Templates Inspirations For You!

Depending on your impact journey find a list of professionally designed impact library, external report examples and reporting templates provided by Impact Cloud.

ICA Impact Report

Professionally Designed SDG Report for Nonprofit

Is your organization doing great social impact but cannot clearly demonstrate impact? 

Hire a SoPact's inspiring designers and make an impact statement and raise large grant fund. See an example report produced by our team.

SDG Impact Report

Impact Cloud Report Designed for Impact Investors and Social Enterprises

Raise more capital with a better impact management reporting

  • 5 Dimensions of an impact as per Impact Management Project
  • SDG Goal, Target and IRIS alignment
  • SDG Goal, Target and any indicators
  • Theory of change reporting
  • Narratives
  • Storytelling
  • Visualization
Impact Management Process-06
Report Builder – IMP

Library of Impact Reporting

Impact Report Best Practices

Learn more about Impact Report

  • What is Social Impact Report?
  • Social Impact Report Format
  • Principles of Good Social Impact Report
  • Data Visualization in Social Impact Report
  • Impact Reporting: CSR and Sustainability
  • Social Impact Report Resources