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Social Impact Project Management

Impact Management Project Strategy

Data pipeline between Asset Owners, Asset Managers, and Assets

  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Impact Scorecard
  • Five Dimensions of Impact Report

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Integration of the Impact Management Project through robust strategy and technology



Based on your motivation and goals, we design the most appropriate strategy and implementation plan
Social Impact Investors


We help you assess if your portfolio is focused on avoiding harm, benefiting stakeholders or contributing to solutions
Theory of Change with Sustainable Development Goals


The outcome experienced by the stakeholders

WHAT outcomes the enterprise is contributing to and how important the outcomes are to stakeholders

Start your "WHAT" with 

  • Innovative step by step Theory of Change application.
  • Associate with Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Development targets
  • Use our global metrics repository to quickly identify your indicators 
Beneficiary Outcome


The type of stakeholder experiencing the outcome

WHO experiences the outcome and how underserved they were prior to the enterprise’s effect

Show WHO experiences outcome by
  • Identifying stakeholders or beneficiaries who will benefit and stablish an impact baseline
  • Aggregate results through online, offline survey, or external data to establish a better outcome of the program. product or services
Impact Project Evaluation

How much

Outcome across scale, depth, and duration

HOW MANY stakeholders experience the outcome, what degree of change they experience, and how long they experience the outcome for

Enterprises can collect data from their stakeholders after the investment at a pre-agreed period with the investor.  

  • Survey: Use out of the box surveys such as progress out of poverty or create a custom survey
  • Outcome results: Score results at a pre-defined interval
  • Output results: Aggregate results from your external data sources, Impact Maker surveys, or other systems
Impact Manager


Estimated degree of change that would occur otherwise

Evaluate whether an enterprise’s and/or investor’s efforts resulted in outcomes that were likely better than what would have occurred otherwise.

  • Build an impact scorecard for a transparent and accurate accounting of what happened as a result of investment
  • Monitor regular progress of pre-agreed upon investments metrics
  • Monitor positive and negative outcomes
Risk and Reputation Management


Level of risk that you are taking

Tells us the likelihood that impact will be different than expected.

Design systematic due diligence rules and align with impact management project ‘Risk’  definition.  This step-by-step wizard assesses the likelihood that impact will be different than expected, and that the difference will be material from the perspective of people or the planet who experience impact. 


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Stop sniff test for social impact due diligence

Evaluate the risk of your investments with detailed data-driven insights for a more effective risk management strategy. Assess and manage risk easily across all asset classes.

Simplify your impact data pipeline

Benchmark your investment, simplify your due diligence, and reputation management for assets, properties and social impact portfolio
Impact Project Management Software