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SoPact is a social and environmental impact measurement and management company

for funders, mission-driven organizations, and sustainable organizations

Build your capacity with experienced impact measurement & management solutions and technology team


Impact Management Consulting

Social organizations need an experienced leader

Scaling world-class innovative software integration and passion for solving data capacity challenges within the social sector such as  for largest women empowerment organization SEWA (2.5+ M)

Thought Leadership

Collaborative leader deeply engaged with leading initiatives and standards 

Strategy Consulting

Strategy for lean data, impact measurement and impact management

Technology Leader

The team of 175+ technology experienced with Salesforce, Open Stack-based solutions

User Centered Design

Build user-centered design and solution for your impact measurement, management, social media, and reporting

Lean Data Management

Build rapid lean data solutions for rapid feedback loop for enterprise products and services

Impact Measurement

Build cost-effective Impact Cloud-based solution and hire a team to build customized solutions

Impact Management

Build a due diligence process, organization health capacity, and impact management project solutions

Social Media and Brand

Professional design team building impact solutions for social media, video, website etc
Impact Measurement Consulting

Impact Measurement & Lean Data

Impact Measurement Strategy

Are you looking to start on impact journey?  Start your actionable first step our team of experts. Our seasoned impact & technology leaders provide the following services.

  • Theory of Change
  • Metrics Selection
  • Lean Data Design
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Social Return on Investments (SROI)
  • Survey Design

Design & Social Media

Impact Report, Website & Social Media

Do you like our product, reports, and website design?   Our leading design team can work with to co-design your social impact goals,

  • Social Impact Calculators
  • Impact Cloud-Based Report
  • Professionally Designed Report
  • Websites with Impact Themes
  • Social Media & Marketing Aligned with Impact
Impact Management Technology Data Science

Technology Services

Data, Application, Integration

Our team works with 175+ engineers and experienced software industry leader with a deep expertise in enterprise software, product development, and architecture.

  • Data Strategy and Architecture
  • Salesforce development
  • Cloud based Integration 
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Application Development
  • Analytics and Visualization
  • Impact & Annual Report
  • Professional Design Services for Impact Report
  • Website and Social Media

Our partners

SoPact flexible platform allows you to integrate third-party apps that work for you.

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Become a partner

Workshop & Training

Workshop & Training

With topics ranging from impact measurement & management, impact management project, SROI for funders and board members to impact management for executives and managers, SoPact webinars are designed to address the issues most important to our clients.

One management and technology team for your entire impact measurement and management solution

Limited Capacity

Most organizations in the social sector have limited social impact measurement & technology knowledge.  Many consulting companies do not possess impact management and technology experience together. 
Capacity Building

Build robust business plan and impact strategy

One team with long 30+ experience in silicon valley technology and 8+ years of hands-on experience with passion to solve data challenges in world's leading social sector organization such as SEWA Rural, SEWA, Enable India and many

Scalable Solutions

The experienced technology and social sector architects with 30+ years experienced working with Goldman Sach, Morgan Stanley, Phillips, Bechtel, Intel, SAP, , Salesforce and Social Secor Organizations such as Self Employed Women Organizations (SEWA), Enable India and Stanford Business School and many


Leading strategy solutions in impact measurement and management
Impact Measurement User Centered Design

User Centered Design

Build the most impactful user-centered design with our experienced designer 

Data Science

Experienced team with years of experience in building simplified solution for complex probem


175+ Technology architects design and developer with a long history in humanity, social sector data challenges