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Impact Maker

Impact Data Measurement Made Simple

  • Theory of Change Driven
  • Lean Data Measurement 
  • Outcome Management
  • Lean Data Analytics
  • Impact Scorecard 
  • Social Return on Investment

For INGO with decentralized country offices, social enterprises, nonprofits, and small & growing businesses

Aggregate program and impact data for funder specific reporting

The most powerful lean data measurement solution with simplified impact measurement & management

Theory of change

Impact Framework

Theory of Change, Impact Management Project-Based Impact Strategy


Metrics Repository

Search and assign metrics to your projects or programs from the largest metric repository on the internet!
Offline Data - Mobile Data Collection

Online & Offline Mobile Data Collection

Seamless integration with survey management, ODK Data, KoboToolbox 



Use our online survey to collect your data or import your data from your favorite offline survey in minutes.
Impact Data

Impact Data Management

Self-report your results or summarize your data from multiple stakeholders and systems. Link your results to your metrics.  
Lean Data Analysis

Continuous Learning & Improvement

Dashboards, quick analytics, stories, and outcome visualizations in a single location. 

Funder Specific Reporting

Report outcome and beneficiary improvement to your investors using data, charts, stories, and images.
Designed for decentralized organizations

Role-specific data management

Assign projects to roles or users for field data management.   
Water Project – TOC Colored Dots

Unlimited TOC & Project Management

Manage all impact data in single a cloud

  • Build a Theory of Change for each project or program
  • Manage all your projects or programs
  • Collect and analyze data from each project or program

External Data, Operation Data & Impact Data

Aggregate from any impact data sources

Intelligent field mapper allows you to integrate any external data sources by scanning files and creating an intelligent mapping within minutes. 
  • Bring data from any source
  • Create relations between your data sets
  • Every time new field data, survey or event is created simply drag & drop a new set of data, and the system will take care of rest by managing data in the cloud
  • Turn your data into a survey with one click
  • Build reports anytime - monthly, quarterly, annually to meet each funder requirements

Quick and insightful impact data learning

Lean Data Analytics

  • Perform advanced data analytics without the complexity.
  • Compare multiple projects or programs based on common metrics.

Funder Specific Impact Reporting & Scorecard

Actionable Impact Scorecard

  • Align reporting requirements for each program
  • Design data collection to match reporting requirements
  • Communicate impact effectively and build a long term strategy and plan for a success
  • Learn more: Impact Scorecard
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Communicate to multiple stakeholders/funders

Impact dashboard & Impact Reporting

  • Connect with funders to communicate your impact seamlessly.
  • Create reports showcasing your ToC results, SDG alignment, Impact Management Project alignment, and Grant Performance Management.
  • Share your impact stories on social media or on your website.
    Learn more - Impact Measurement
svicert 4-1

Social Return on Investment - SROI

Certified SROI Application

An innovative approach to management stakeholders results and calculate results

Impact Reporting Solutions

Integrate stories from the field with powerful visualizations to create compelling reports and raise more capital. 


Outcome Management

Rapidly collect baseline and incremental stage results. View cohort, individual & competitive positive/negative outcome

Unique Beneficiaries

Track unique beneficiaries across multiple programs or projects, summarize their activity monthlym quarterly or annually. 

Program Effectiveness

Measure the overall program effectiveness for funding or learning purposes. 

Feedback Loop

Find insightful understanding of survey results, comparative metrics between multiple projects and deep outcome insight

Manon Lavod

Automate impact reporting to funder at agreed frequency

I can now effectively define outcomes to my programs and can produce data-driven insights to my investors without using multiple tools. 

Comprehensive Lean Data & Impact Measurement

Innovative impact measurement, lean data management, and feedback loop platform for stakeholder and beneficiary data.

What is Lean Data?

Lean Data, coined from the lean startup movement, is an iterative process that involves designing surveys or data collection tools oriented to social impact outcomes. Lean Data allows for better feedback to social enterprises, nonprofits or small growing businesses with limited data capacity. It is the necessary tool to improve the effectiveness of these organizations' products and services.

Lean Data Measurement

The best solution for Lean Data

Impact Maker's flexibility allows you to define the best data collection process for your organization and use our platform to send surveys or aggregate data from different sources. 

Outcome Misalignment

More often than not, funders are not well-aligned with grantees and investees regarding the key outcomes to measure and the data collected to demonstrate the outcomes. 
Theory of Change

Innovative Theory of Change

Define your Theory of Change and metrics, share them with your funders and stakeholders, and report only on relevant data. Use your ToC as part of an application or due diligence process for new funding.

No portfolio outcome insights

Programs, projects, and products tend to have different outcomes, hence, each of them collects different data and it's analyzed individually, making it hard to compare their level of effectiveness. 

Program Outcomes

Track outcomes across projects or programs

Impact Maker allows you to measure individual outcomes and apply common metrics accross your projects, programs, or products at the same time.

Designing a report is challenging

Most organizations struggle to create compelling impact reports that integrate data, stories, narratives, and outcome results. 
Impact Reports

Innovative report builder

Innovative drag-and-drop mechanism to add stories, data, charts, images, and maps. Powerful story building through qualitative and quantitative results. Communicate your results through social media or your website to raise capital.

Complex data analytics

Most organizations struggle to manage and analyze their data using spreadsheets and complex formulas or pivito tables. 
Impact Dashboards

Insights in minutes

Impact Maker aggregates, summarizes, and analyzes your data in minutes. Create charts, dashboards, and other visualizations to incorporate in your reports. 

Lack of support systems

Social Enterprises and Nonprofits lack access to crucial venture support systems, especially in the developing world. The resulting lack of business skills & tech expertise leads to a restricted access to funding. 

Support Systems & Funding

Access a global network

Impact Cloud allows you to connect with funders and share with them your Theory of Change and outcome/output results.

Our Global Customers

Green Innovation & Mitrelli
End 2 End impact data aggregation 
Stanford Business School
A leading center for social entrepreneurship program aggregating all program for results tracking
Invest In Wisconsin
Aggregating CDFI data and integrate with IMPLAN based economic data to demonstrate SROI
Sustainability & Waste Management in Developing Countries

Impact Measurement Perspectives