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Engage donors and funders through data-driven impact management solutions

Discover your Impact

The TurboMetrics SaaS Platform provides end-to-end support for your social impact assessment process. Gain quick insights from your impact dashboard and stay on top of your reporting partners' submissions. No need to waste time in the logistics, you can spend more time on inisights for strategic planning. 


Impact Dashboard

Gain quick insights into your impact with a dashboard that is automatically updated when new data is submitted.

User-friendly data reporting

The user experience of individuals, grantees, or partners that report data to you can be dramatically enhanced with TurboMetrics. The system's online survey feature has built-in clarification support including sample answers, usage guidelines, and so on. What's more, as soon as partners submit data, the data is automatically aggregated, updating the dashboards and reports. 

social impact data reporting.gif

Program Design and Data Reporting

Document your programs, reporting partners or grantees, and metrics sets directly into the system. Data can be reported in multiple ways including Excel uploads or a user-friendly online survey.

Track Data Reporting

Stay up-to-date with the reporting submissions. This allows you to see who has completed their submissions and who still needs to start the process. You can easily get in contact with reporting partners who have not started their reporting process. You can also send reminders to those reporting the data to you to send their data. 

Social impact data monitor.gif

Data Tracker

Monitor the data reporting process of your partners/grantees/staff. Stay up to date on who has submitted, who is in the process of submitting, and who has not started.

Communicate your Impact

By enhancing your ability to produce your own reports within the system, you are better able to communicate your impact with more stakeholders more frequently. In addition to reports, the system is able to follow a Scorecard methodology as well as a Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework.

Social Impact Report.gif

Impact Report

A drag-and-drop tool allows you to quickly generate all kinds of impact reports. These reports are automatically updated when new data is submitted.

Build Your Social Impact Assessment Process within TurboMetrics


Rapid Set-up

Be guided through a user-friendly installation process. From metrics and program design to generating your social impact reports, our wizard-driven setup gets you up and running in as quickly as a day.

Outcome-Driven Impact Assessment

TurboMetrics enables a hierachical program and metrics structure that allows for partner-specific impact metrics. These diverse metrics sets are aggregated for program and product level analysis. 

Flexible Data Collection Methods

TurboMetrics is complete with multiple data reporting functions: self reporting; third-party reporting; surveys; and uploads for partners facing limited internet connectivity. Data collection is designed for reporting usability, limiting the likilihood of human error in reporting. 

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Align Your Goals with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Standards & Custom Metrics Aligned to Theory Of Change



TurboMetrics is a most comprehenensive, flexible and Easy To Use Software Platform for social impact management




Impact Management Framework Wizard

Setup End to End Impact Framework Based on Organization Profile 

Organization, Impact Goals, Partners, Programs, Products

Metrics selection is made simple with the TurboMetrics platform. Easily identify standards such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GRI, IRIS, Guidestar, and many more. Or build your own custom metrics with supporting matterial such as sample answers, usage guidelines, definitions, etc. 










United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Making Convergence Simpler

The Sustainable Development Goals are rapidly becoming the standard for orientation of impact frameworks. TurboMetrics makes it easier to align to the Goals, the Targets, and the Indicators. Learn more about SDG alignment here.




See Collective Impact Of All Programs

Create Unlimited Dashboard based on To Review Collective Impact of All Programs, Specific Programs, Portfolio Summary.  Align your portfolio with SDG & Impact Investment.  Learn more about SDG alignment here.



Portfolio Summary

Portfolio Manager

Manage portfolio portfolio by by pre-defined and customized field, align your portfolio to specific goals such as SDG or others.  Publish cummulative value of a portfolio to an investors or donors.  Learn more about SDG alignment here.


Compare Plans

Impact Toolbox

Up to 5 Partners
Nonprofits/Social Enterprises, Early Stage Impact Funds, Small CDFI networks

Funder Specific Reporting

Portfolio Management & Reporting is critical
Rapid Setup, Self-Report
  • Wizard Based Setup For Each Funder Requirements (Organization, Programs, Partners, Products, Metrics)
  • Portfilio Manager
  • Partner & Portfolio Reports
  • Sector Specific Funder Reports

Add-On Package:

 Social Media Toolbox For Donor Engagement 

  • Professional Quality Impact Report Design
  • Donor To Impact Package: Dramatically increase funding through impact result & website integration
  • Instantly share impact goals, infographics & story with blogs and social media
  • SEO, Google AdWords

Impact Portfolio

Up to 5-200 Partners
Enterprise Support Network, Mid/Large Impact Funds, Family Foundations,  CSRs

Impact Data Aggregation

Impact Data Aggregation
Data Management, Story, Dashboard
  • All Startup Features
  • Flexible Data Collection
  • Collective Impact 
  • Partner, Program & Product Aggregation Story Builder & Report Builder 
  • SROI
  • Scorecard


Up to 30-500 Partners
Large Foundations, Collective Impact Networks, International Development Orgs

Customized Solutions

Customized to integrate your grant solutions
Mobile or other program data solutions
  • All Impact Portfolio Features
  • Custom Integration
  • Customized Solutions
  • On-Premise Deployments (on demand)


Want to learn more?

We're entering into a a new era of impact measurement fuelded by enhanced data capacity. Learn how TurboMetrics can help catch you up.


Impact Funds & Entreprenur Support Networks

  • Social Business Networks
  • Impact Funds
  • Social Incubators/Accelerators
  • Mentor Networks

Demonstrating the impact of an aggregated network requires the ability to collect data from diverse systems, surveys, and individual entrprenurs. Learn why TurboMetrics is a perfect Impact Cloud for you.

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Are you foundation moving toward an outcome-oriented impact approach?  You will need a collaborative platform that engages your grantees effectively. 

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Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

  • Nonprofits
  • Social Businesses
  • CSR Programs

TurboMetrics is a simple, flexible and comprehensive platform that you can have up and running in days.