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Impact Maker

Project Monitoring, Learning & Reporting Made Simple

Aggregate system, 3rd Party, Survey & self-entry data. Innovative data aggregation & integration solution for high impact philanthropy, impact & sustainability programs


Investment Portfolio Screen

Impact Organization with Impact Strategy & Data Management

The most powerful lean data management solution with simplified impact measurement & management
Theory of change

Theory of Change

Unlimited TOC & Metrics Integration for enterprises, grant makers, and impact investments

Metrics Repository

Search & Assign metrics to your Investments from the largest metric repository on the internet!

Project Manager

Rapidly align your project and portfolio and start building metrics and data collection framework

Offline & Online Survey

Built-in online survey tool.  Use any favorite offline or online survey management and integrate data in minutes

Data Collection & Tracking

Self-reporting and results from aggregation from grantee, investee, and partners

Impact Insight

Dashboards, analytics and visualization of outcome, portfolio and projects in a single location

Reports & Storytelling

Seamlessly aggregate and report Quarter on Quarter Outcomes to your investors.

Master & Cross Reference Data

Create master data to manage table with linked lookup table that can be refreshed as often

Stakeholder & Program Data Management

Innovative Theory Of Change & Metrics Catalog

Funders often do not have well-aligned outcome with a downstream organization and do not trust data reported by them
Theory of Change

Theory Of Change

Now you can invite all your investee, grantees, and entrepreneurs to create a theory of change even before starting due diligence process

Aligning theory of change and metrics

The time-consuming process to align metrics for both funders and assets (organization receiving grants or investments)
Align TOC & Metrics

Strategy to align outcome

Unlimited theory of change created by entrepreneurs, grantee, and investors that aligns metrics for both funders and downstream organization

No Portfolio Level Outcome Insights

This unavailability of insights into their portfolios outcomes hinders a better feedback loop and decision about product quality and services effectiveness

Portfolio Outcomes

Track & Manage Outcomes Across your projects or programs

Engage with your Investors & Funders over portfolio-wide outcomes.

Report Design Challenges

Most organizations scramble to build compelling impact report that is easy to communicate based on powerful narrative, story, output & outcome results
Report Builder

Innovative designer

Innovative drag-and-drop mechanism to add stories, data, charts, images, and maps.  Powerful story building through qualitative and quantitative results.  Communicate your results through social media or your website to raise capital. 

RCTs are Expensive

RCTs are expensive and unfeasible for most organizations.

RCTs are Unaffordable

Aggregate any data set

Now run insights from any & all relevant data sets that you can get your hands on! 

Expectations of Outcomes are Misaligned

It is very common for Investors & their Investees to be very misaligned over the expected Outcomes of their businesses & investments. 
Misaligned Expectations

Outcome Based Relationships

Now Investors & Enterprises can be aligned towards the same outcomes that they believe in.

Bespoke Inhouse Technology

Investment Funds use crude & bespoke technologies that can only measure inputs and outputs, but not outcomes. 

Bespoke Technology

Your Own Impact Ecosystem

Say goodbye to excel sheets & surveys which you cant do anything with and say Hello to your Impact Ecosystem custom built to maximize your Impact Capacity.

Investor Worthiness

Proving their Investor worthiness for Social Impact Enterprises is always a Challenge.

Investor Worthiness

Unrestricted Impact Capital

By having a TOC based outcomes tracking platform, raise capital from the biggest impact funds in the world. 

Lack of Support Systems

Social Impact Enterprises lack access to Crucial venture support systems, especially in the developing world and the resulting lack of business skills & tech expertise leads to restricts access to social finance.

Lack of Support Systems

Access a Global Network

Now engage with every other social entrepreneur & impact investor in the world!

Faster Feedback Loop

Whether you’re looking for funding, or seed investment or you need to be able to see and understand your operational and monitoring data.  Having faster actionable data can make a big difference between winning and losing a grant. 

Small headline

Simplified data aggregation

Just drag the file and let the system take of rest.  ImpactMaker will recommend you best possible data type automatically. You can choose differently if you like. 
Impact Maker_web

Project Management

All your data on a single cloud

  • Bring data from any source.
  • Create relations between your data sets.
  • Turn your data into a survey with one click.

Coming in 2018

Quick and insightful data learning

  • Perform advanced data analytics without the complexity.
  • Compare multiple programs based on a common metric.
Project Insights_web

Coming in 2018

Communicate to multiple stakeholders/funders

  • Connect with funders to communicate your impact seamlessly.
  • Create reports showcasing your ToC results, SDG alignment, Impact Management Project alignment, and Grant Performance Management.
  • Share your impact stories on social media or on your website.

Reporting Solutions

Integrate stories from the field with powerful visualization that allows an optimal strategy for impact reports.  Raise capital by through more impactful report & social media


Outcome Management

Rapidly collect baseline and incremental stage results. View cohort, individual & competitive positive/negative outcome

Unique Activities

Rapidly aggregate activities attended by stakeholders and rapidly find monthly, quarterly and annual results

Program Effectiveness

Measure the overall program effectiveness of a program for grant funding programs

Feedback Loop

Find insightful understanding of survey results, comparative metrics between multiple projects and deep outcome insight

Manon Lavod

Automate impact reporting to funder at agreed frequency

I can now effectively define outcomes to my programs and can produce data-driven insights to my investors without using multiple tools. 

Our Global Customers

Green Innovation & Mitrelli
End 2 End impact data aggregation 
Stanford Business School
A leading center for social entrepreneurship program aggregating all program for results tracking
Invest In Wisconsin
Aggregating CDFI data and integrate with IMPLAN based economic data to demonstrate SROI
Sustainability & Waste Management in Developing Countries