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Achieving Health Equity

By Reducing Health Disparities

Mary Black Foundation (MBF)

Mary Black Foundation invests in strong, well-run organizations to improve the health, wellness, and success of people living in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA. The two priority programs are Active Living / Healthy Eating and Early Childhood Development. 

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What is health equity?

Health and wellness are basic human rights. Health equity exists when all people have access to opportunities to thrive, both physically and mentally. And, no one is limited in achieving health and wellness because of their race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, ability, sexual orientation, age, income, or zip code.

Engagement of Mary Black Foundation with Sopact

Building Impact Ecosystem

Challenges before Sopact Engagement

  • Managing 80+ partners' results manually
  • Long cycles of collecting output and outcome data from multiple grantees 
  • Time-consuming data cleaning and validation 
  • Resource-heavy processes making the program course correction impossible before the next grant cycle

After an  engagement with Sopact 

  • All grantee outcomes data in one platform 
  • Easy to make informed decisions on the next
    cycle of the grants using collected metrics
  • Saving operational time and resources 
  • Making difference in health equity by monitoring all health determinants

Key benefits of maximizing impact

1) Visible improvement in key health indicators among populations disproportionately experiencing poor health outcomes.


2) An increased percentage of an investment portfolio to have a positive impact on Spartanburg County.

Proof of Change


  • Visible improvement in key health indicators among populations disproportionately experiencing poor health outcomes.

"During COVID-19…with the Sopact system, it was very easy to go in and edit what we were asking grantees to report on. We didn't have to make too many changes to our outcomes and thankfully the system does allow those changes and has that bank of outcomes that we can reference…the system still will allow us to look at those over time and aggregate them together to see the long term impact."


Haley MBF
Haley WickerManager of Communications & Organizational Learning

Building Healthier Communities

Download our case study and learnings from Mary Black Foundation. 

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