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Financial Inclusion Social Impact

With Digital Technology


Accion harnesses the power of digital technology to create a financially inclusive world. They Advice, Invest, Partner, and Influence. They partner with financial service providers around the globe to better meet the financial needs of underserved individuals and small businesses. 


Live Conversation

Engagement of Accion with Sopact

Building an Impact Ecosystem

Challenges before Sopact engagement

  • Managing multiple partners data manually
  • Collecting feedback using multiple tools (Excel / Google forms)
  • Partners on-site manually collect beneficiary data and report client engagement and product adaptation
  • Time-consuming data cleaning and validation process 

Impact Journey after the engagement with Sopact 

  • Collecting and aggregating all partner milestone data seamlessly on the Impact Cloud®
  • Easy partner metrics monitoring 
  • Managing all the enterprise's (MSME) maturity and progress 
  • Deeper insights into each partner's performance
  • Easy to present results in the internal monthly meetings 
  • Easy to report quarterly progress data to the funders

Key benefits of maximizing impact

1) Serving more Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and building resilience.

2) Meaningful insights at a fingertip to make informed decisions.

3) Ultimately, building a digitally integrated ecosystem to create an inclusive world with economic opportunity for all.

Proof of Change


"Thanks to the supportive SoPact team, we have started to centralize a lot of output data in one platform. So now, with dis-aggregating capability by gender, region, and partner, we have visibility of where our interventions are needed and how our clients interact with products and services. As a result, we feel confident about the results that we're collecting."

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Emma Morse Manager - Accion Global Advisory Services

Building Financially Inclusive World

Download our case study and learnings from Accion. 

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