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Together, we are creating a global impact management ecosystem. 

The Impact Cloud™ empowers organizations to manage the impact of their entire portfolio across each investment globally. 


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Global Impact Ecosystem
Impact Maker

Solutions for Investors & Impact Managers


Impact Cloud

Bringing Impact Makers and Impact Managers together through powerful technology to scale impact and drive capital

We've heard things like...


Ricardo Pinho

“SoPact is assisting GI in reaching our goal of being a 100% Impact Centric organization"


Nancy Metzer

“The Platform uses Impact language I'm familiar with and makes it easy to carry out our Impact Management practice".

The Ideology 

What is Impact Management?


1. Impact Framework

Understanding how people and the planet directly experience impact is the foundation of impact management.


2. Beneficiary Feedback

Broad data collection approaches for different situation such as real time, online survey, offline etc. 


3. Align Outcome

Set financial & impact goals based on your understanding of the impact likely to be experienced by people and the planet.


4. Deliver & Improve

As we understand the material effects we are having - or could have - on people and the planet, we deliver and improve our impact.

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