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Build impactful portfolios

Technology that unlocks human potential
Development Finance and Impact Investment


  • Time consuming and traceable data collection
  • Takes a long time to align with portfolio companies' metrics and data collection
  • Limited ability to request data from investees
  • Misalignment of data requested by investors and investees’ outcomes
  • Core metrics across the portfolio fail to present an impact

Our Solution

  • Automated data collection and reporting
  • Solves the problem of getting reliable, timely, and consistent data from portfolio companies without endless hours chasing the data and then cleansing it.
  • Connect investees' data management in minutes
  • Capture data automatically via 100+ out-of-box integration and deliver it in real-time, consistently, and uniformly.
  • Track investees’ outcomes and understand how your investment contributes to their results
  • An innovative way to bring all investees' data reporting to a single location without chasing the data collection cycle

Technology that unlocks human potential

Impact Investors have a unique opportunity to solve global issues. It is important to understand the true impact of your portfolio companies before you make impact investment decisions. Explore the problems and solutions and start your journey as an Impact Investor in under 1 min.

Focus on outcomes instead of metrics

True impact investment rewards outcomes, not metrics. But most enterprises lack the financial and impact management capabilities to manage their outcomes.   

If you want to:

  • Build a portfolio of investment-ready social enterprises
  • Prepare enterprises to focus on continuous learning and improvement
  • Prepare enterprises for faster growth through frequent stakeholder data collection

Our promise:

Provide the impact management knowledge for your SEs to improve their data collection
Build an investment-ready impact dashboard by SE (provided SE has historical data and is ready to collect stakeholder feedback)
All social enterprise impact dashboards in one place, without sending any surveys or setting additional metrics
Data ownership for the social enterprises
Communicate impact across your portfolio effectively

Understand additionality

Many impact funds get away with the anecdotal stories and output level metrics and targets. Funders can often make impact funds accountable to track the true impact of the portfolio by understanding additionality.

Our promise:

Track social enterprises’ impact maturity
Track social enterprises’ business maturity
Track the impact fund’s additionality and contribution to the portfolio
Track ESG metrics


Unlock data from other systems

Most investors often collect social enterprise application and due diligence data in systems such as Salesforce, Excel, or others. Our experience suggests that most teams do not leverage their systems to analyze results. 

Our promise:

Unlock the data from all your different system
One platform for all the business insights and impact learnings


Development Finance and Impact Investment


What do we help you with?

A solution to organize and maximize your impact

Measuring impact requires a suite of products and solutions, we put them together.


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