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    Portfolio Level Data Aggregation

    Bring every source of Impact Data from your Investments in one single place.  Innovative data collection approach to improve data collection success rate

    • Collection methods: online, offline, survey, self-reporting
    • Advance context improves results
    • Metrics Based Reporting
    • Flexible Data Reporting (By Region or Other Rules)
    • Qualitative, Quantiaive & Story Elements



    Program Data-870811-edited.jpg

    Program Data Aggregation

    Your Complete Investment Portfolio In One Place.

    Beneficiary Level Data Aggregation

    Your Impact Is as Good as the Last Beneficiary You Reach. Empower your investments with the sophisticated Data Collection platforms.

    • Offline & Online Data
    • Systems Data Integration : Salesforce, Accounting, Many Others
    • Outcome Data
    • Track Progress
    • Funder or Program Specific Rapid Reports
    • Dynamic Visualizations

    Beneficiary Data Aggregation

    Track Your Impact until your Last Beneficiary.

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