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Corporate Social Impact With Innovative CSR Software

Maximize your corporate social impact efforts
with our easy-to-use software to help you track progress,
set goals, and make a real impact.
CSR Software


  • Business values and programs do not align
  • The program outcomes don’t align with the social values of the business
  • The data doesn’t provide clear insights (a clear picture) on program success
  • Absence of a defined process to learn about programs’ success

Our Solution

  • All program outcomes at your fingertip from a single unified platform.
  • The standard process to define and clarify outcomes for multiple programs.
  • Identify and collect data aligned with program outcomes.
  • Continuously track program outcomes through live dashboards powered by autonomous data collection.

For corporates committed to social impact!

Chris Gaines' video explains how to make better financial decisions, resource allocation, and impact communication in under 1 min. 

Move from compliance to intention

Traditionally, companies have focused on reporting basic environmental and governance metrics for compliance, overlooking the social impact of their products and services. Often, social impact risk is a form of reputation risk. Identifying critical social impact goals and collecting appropriate data can minimize this risk.

If you want:

- Track the success of your community programs
- Understand the impact of your investment
- Understand equity, diversity, and inclusion in your workforce
- Improve employee engagement and talent attraction
- Move your grantees from reporting to outcomes

Our promise:

Implement a consistent impact framework across your community programs
Reduce the risk of inconsistent data collection and reporting
Monitor the effectiveness of your internal and external programs


Implement a comprehensive data strategy.

An effective social impact strategy depends on stakeholder engagement. Evidence allows program managers to understand stakeholder expectations and feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of programs.

Our promise:

Help you identify all the relevant data that is already collected through different systems
Connect your systems’ data to our dashboard
Design stakeholder surveys that align with the program outcomes
Collaborate with your team to build a comprehensive data strategy for your DE&I and volunteering objectives
Bridge stakeholder data gaps to better understand outcomes


Communicate outcomes to management.

Forget about multiple reports and PowerPoint presentations. Communicate the outcomes of your programs, internal initiatives, and volunteering opportunities in one single place. 

Our promise:

A dynamic dashboard to communicate key insights
An understanding of the impact of return on investment per program
One single source of truth


Impact Cloud


What do we help you with?

A solution to organize and maximize your impact

Measuring impact requires a suite of products and solutions, we put them together.


Impact StrategyData ManagementReal-time Analytics


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