Real-time learning during the pandemic with Impact Cloud®


The rapid spread of a pandemic like COVID-19 stresses the importance of listening to your stakeholders. SoPact is extending a solution for resource-constrained nonprofits and social enterprises to get quick impact learnings from their stakeholders.


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How it works?

1. Reach out to Stakeholders

Pre-defined Surveys

Choose from a catalog of pre-defined surveys based on your needs.

Collect online data

Generate a survey link that can be shared over Social Media, WhatsApp, or email for data collection.

No internet? Go offline 

Don't have internet or email? No worries, deploy the survey on integrated KoboToolBox, and collect data offline. Bring the data back to Impact Cloud® seamlessly using our integration.

Offline and Online

2. Get actionable Insights

Analytics - Promote Outcomes

Realtime Data Collection

Learn from the continuous stream of data which seamlessly feeds into Impact Cloud® Outcome Tracking System

Automated and Actionable Outcome Learning

Impact Cloud's Outcome Tracking system provides continuous stream of actionable insights automatically that can be used to change intervention methodologies


See how MIWF is helping stakeholders during India’s Covid-19 lockdown

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-23 at 1.53.51 AM

MIWF is a foundation based out of India focused on feeding poor families during the India lockdown. During COVID-19 while the whole world is suffering, those without any job security or savings are the most vulnerable. MIWF identifies poor families through volunteer teams on the ground.

In order to listen to their stakeholders, MIWF started using Impact Cloud® to collect organized data of food distribution during the lockdown of the country.

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What's Included and Qualification

This is what you get -
  • 1 Project and up to 3 surveys.

  • 1st Meeting: Configuration, mobile integration, and survey testing.

  • 2nd Meeting: Results and Dashboards review.

  • 3rd Meeting: Scaling your impact.

You're qualified if you have -
  • A significant number of stakeholders to reach out to.
  • The ability and resources to conduct the survey.
What’s Expected From You -
  • Commitment to attend the 3 meetings and collect your data.
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