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Makeing change is social sector has always been challenging but through meanigful partnership we can build data-driven sector

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Why Partner with SoPact

Social Impact Management Software 

Social Sector is over due for a better quality tools inpar with other sectors. SoPact brings comprehensive tool for mission driven organization with signficant flexibility, affordability and value.  Our tools are designed based on 100s of interviews with prospective clients based on real need.


Impact Management

Impact cloud is a collection most frequent comprehensive program data aggregation, client data aggregation, mobile client data, and impact protfolio management.


Integration next frontier

Nonprofit, international development, impact investment sector is now beginning to adopt cloud based applications rapidly. While their use of new application grows, so does a need for software integration between them.


Software Integration

SoPact's team pioneered enterprise integration.  Team is now ready to bring same experience with a relevant understanding of unique needs in social sector.


Streamlined Apporach

SoPact's Impact Cloud onboarding allows rapid onboarding of impact framework. If client do not have metrics, data collection strategy or impact reports, our partners use our impact cloud tools to rapidly develop their impact framework using joint Lean Impact Measurement Framework


FastTrack Process

SoPact has developed and documented open sourced impact framework.  Our partners can use them in conjuction with their own internal impact management practices.  Our streamlined approach helps practioners reduce mundane tasks and focus on more strategic tasks.


Build a collective ecosystem

We are mission driven organization looking to partner with any practioners or evaluators looking to adopt an innovative data-driven approach. Come and talk to us and find out how we can change new frontier of philanthrophy.


Collective Approach

Build collective success through common knowledge and best practices.  Our company is designed to leverage partnership in a win-win way!

Partnership Types


Technology + Integration Partnership

SoPact team pioneered enterprise integration solutions. If you have a cloud based product for non-profit sector, talk to us. We would love to discuss partnerships that involve cross-sell, whitelabel or consulting partnerships.


Capacity Partners

RESEARCH PARTNERS  are primarily research institutions and professors who dedicate their research to improving impact assessment. SoPact works collaboratively with our Research Partners to improve our software platform for impact management and to develop the Lean Impact Measurement framework. We happily bring our technological expertise to our partners and enjoy working with them to improve how impact is measured and assessed in this great sector.


Consulting Partners

PROFESSIONAL PARTNERS are primarily consulting firms and individual consultants who work with mission-driven organizations. SoPact offers free vendor subscriptions of our software, TurboMetrics as well as educational tutorials on the software so that you know when it is best applied. Professional Partnerships include refferal commission to supplement for the invested time taken to learn the product.

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SoPact + Partners = Better Results

With SoPact, you get a tool that makes it easy  to improve impact maagement capacity and do so efficiently and economically, so you can protect your margins, scale your business and help a lot more customers.  

Become a Partner


Public sector + Social Sector is now seeing growing use of cloud based technology adoption. With each new use need to integrate with other techology grows. Our team is experienced with cloud based integration & complex integration. We will work with your customers or our customers to drive most optimized integration. Always looking for leading cloud vendor below for appropriate partnerships.

  • Cloud Platform: Salesforce, Microsoft, NetSuite
  • Donor & Payment Gateway
  • Accounting: QuickBook, Intacct
  • Data Collection, Mobile, SMS, Offline Data
  • Integration Platforms: Zapier, Workato, JitterBit, MuleSoft
  • Built-in integrations
  • External webservices based integration

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Technology Capacity 

We work with our partner on win-win basis and not competition.  Research partners & practioners can partner with us to improve their process & capacity. Collaborate with us on our open sourced lean impact measurement,  and improve your capacity with your customers. When customers are ready, onboard them on TurboMetrics.

What you get

  • Free 1 year TurboMetrics license for your use
  • 3-4 Onboarding Session
  • Aggrement on reselling with royalties

What you bring

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Resell or Refer

As a  SoPact Consulting Partner,  you are able to either:

  • Resell SoPact to customers or include SoPact in your offering. You purchase SoPact at a discounted Premium, plan per customer. Contact us for details.
  • Refer your customers to SoPact and receive a referral fee that is a percentage of the first year’s  subscription they pay to SoPact. Contact us for details.

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