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Collaborative Care 

Beneficiary 360 (B-360) is a client-data sharing tool within SoPact's Impact Cloud ecosystem. B-360 simplifies social services referral practices and makes data collection easier for international development agency & human services agency collaboration within the established B-360 Service Network. The Network is composed of aggreed upon agencies with shared beneficiaries. With Beneficiary 360 these agencies are better able to refer and recieve clients, collaborate, and have up-to-date client data. 

  • Beneificiary document share reduces unnecessary pain
  • Beneficiary red flags across agency
  • Centralized client referral system
  • Common poverty progress tracking system
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Collaborative Data

Beneficiary 360 features a collaborative database of client profiles to be used by B-360 Service Networks. These Networks are composed of a collection of service providing agencies and organizations that share clients. From health care to career services, B-360 providers may focus on different needs, but share a goal for holistic care.

Simplified Referral & Tracking

Partner organizations will be able to input beneficiary data directly into the platform or upload data forms which can be shared within the network of participating organizations. This reduces the time required for extensive data entry. 

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Collaborative Referrals

Beneficiary 360 has a built-in referral system for the B-360 Service Network. This is designed to make it easier for the Network to coordinate the provision of services.  

Individual & Cohort Tracking

Designed thinking approach for tracking goals, and metrics over well defined tracking points. Manage notes, tasks, referral, progress entry, progress visualization & history in a single location.

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Progress Tracking

B-360 Service Networks have access to clients' historic data to track progress. B-360's longitudinal data management goes beyond simple storage of historic data through visualization. 


Offline, Online, SMS 

Innovative integration architecture designed to simplify integration between offline mobile data collection, SMS/Voice & out-of-box online mobile & web feedback collection process.

Feedback Loop.png

Feedback Loop

The B-360 Feeback Loop feature is a survey that allows clients to provide feedback to service providers. Options for survey deployment include online, offline, and mobile data collection tools.



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Quick Setup

SoPact's Customer Success offers a hands-on onboarding process for B-360 Service Networks.

Simplified Integration

B-360 Service Network members are able to use their own data management systems in tandem to B-360 thanks to SoPact's advanced integration services.

User Experience

B-360 is simple to use and easy to understand. You only require a couple of training hours to start using it effectively. 

Lean Approach

B-360 Service Networks are able to grow over time. Start with a select group of members, and allow the Network to grow overtime. 

Data Security

At SoPact we care about your data security and privacy. You can choose with whom to share your data, both internally and externally.


B-360 is cloud-based and as such is not dependent on your internal IT capacity. This makes it easier to manage and scale.
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Be a B-360 Early Adopter

We are in the pilot phase of the Beneficiary 360 tool. As an early adopter you will be driving the direction and funcionality of this dynamic tool to meet your needs.


  • 1 organization that agrees to be the Network Coordinator
  • At least 2-4 organizations aggreeing to be Service Network members under the Network Coordinator
  • Shared client base among the Network members 

Be a b-360 early adopter

We are looking for ground-braking organizations ready to start streamlining their client management today. Will you be one?